About Us

Debra Ann Weiss has been in business for 40 years.

After residing in and and running both a gift trade company in London; BFD UK Ltd. and Body Rap a high end Tee Shirt company with global distribution, she came back to her roots in NYC. Her lifelong love of dogs led her into forming POOCHEE Designs, whose specialty is creating and manufacturing luxury accessories for the canine population. In 2005, she designed and created the first one piece Step-In Harness.

Not confining her product line to harnesses and leashes, POOCHEE also offers a comprehensive selection of pet carriers, collars, and poop bag holders, which are available in luxurious leather, durable nylon, and perpetually fashionable denim.

Our products are designed, hand-made and manufactured in the NYC from the finest fabrics and materials available in the USA.

In addition, we offer private labelling, consulting, and brand development. Also available to provide wholesale as well as retail, and sourcing materials. All these services can be used to provide people and canine accessories as well.

Among our private label customers have been; Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales, Harrods, The Dog Bar and Doggystyle. 

For more detailed inquiries contact:

tel: (212) 243-1012